Student-athletes at the University of Iowa are resuming workouts following a pause due to a spike in positive COVID-19 test cases. The school released a statement on Tuesday.

Chad Leistikow of the Des Moines register reported on last week that the Iowa football program has paused workouts after 11 individuals tested positive for COVID-19. The school announced that, in total, 93 positive tests have been returned after the latest round of testing within the athletic department.

All voluntary athletic workouts were shut down through Sept. 7 at Iowa. Now, the university has lifted the moratorium.

“The University of Iowa Athletics Department announced today it has resumed voluntary and mandatory workouts,” the statement said.

Iowa reported that 297 COVID-19 tests were administered for the week of Aug. 31-Sept. There were 21 positive results and 276 negative tests received by the department. That brings the total to 197 positive tests and 2,836 negative tests when the department began testing on May 29.

One test has been inconclusive.

“Following a positive test result, protocol established by UI Athletics and medical staff, including contact tracing procedures, is being followed to ensure the safety of all UI Athletics student-athletes and staff,” the statement said. “This mandatory protocol also includes isolation for the individuals who test positive, and quarantine for those individuals who might have been exposed to someone with the virus.”