You already know that Iowa fans are passionate. You saw that come out in full force throughout Iowa’s storybook undefeated regular season.

But one Iowa couple is taking that fandom to some unprecedented levels.

According to a story from the Press-Citizen, the Reed and Sandy Carlson plan to replicate Kinnick Stadium with their new 7,500-square-foot house in Iowa City. Even though neighbors voiced their complaints, Iowa City officials ruled that the house wasn’t breaking any of the building or zoning codes.

Here’s a look at the proposed floor plan (via Press Citizen):

There’s even going to be a replica press box.

The Carlsons plan on building the new home on Lusk Avenue, which is a dead-end street. Despite the concerns about its abnormal size and intended use, the Kinnick-like house appears to be a go.

“The idea that just because it looks like Kinnick Staduim it’s going to be a party house or whatnot is a misnomer,” Reed Carlson told the Press-Citizen. “Like I said to the city attorney in University Heights: ‘It’s a residential neighborhood. It’s zoned residential. You aren’t going to issue me a liquor license, so why are you concerned about what the house looks like?'”

We’ll definitely need to get some photos of the finished product.