For many college football fans, Iowa was a mystery throughout the 2015 season.

How do they keep winning? Are they worthy of a top-five ranking? How will they stack up against elite competition?

Those questions were all answered by season’s end. But there’s one question that residents of Niagra Falls, New York have that has yet to receive an answer to.

Why in the world does the Iowa fight song keep playing on repeat from that abandoned building?

According to the Niagra Gazette, there’s a vacant building on the corner of Third St. and Ferry Ave. that plays the 60-year-old Iowa fight song on loop from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day. Located near the Niagra River, the fight song led to several noise complaints from customers and management at a nearby restaurant, Wine on Third.

“I’m not sure what the purpose is or what the issue is,” Wine on Third owner Shawn Weber told the Gazette.

According to the story, a 50-second clip from the instrumental version of the Iowa fight song rings from the building. It reportedly plays on loop 500 times in the seven-hour period. Over the course of six months, that’s roughly 91,000 times that the fight song played.

With Iowa hoops now following in the football team’s footsteps, there’s no telling when it’ll stop.

Perhaps this has been the mysterious source fueling the magical 2015-16 year in Iowa athletics.