Iowa football was not treated kindly on Sunday morning by a local Iowa newspaper following the inefficient offensive performance in Week 1.

Iowa held on to a 7-3 victory over South Dakota State on Saturday. The margin of victory was expected to be much greater for the Hawkeyes. It was a dissatisfying performance for an Iowa team that just appeared in the B1G Championship Game in December.

Spencer Petras passed for 109 yards and 1 interception. He completed 11 of 25 passes on the day.

Many fans were concerned with how the offense looked and the jabs taken at Iowa did not stop on Sunday. The Cedar Rapids Gazette took part in trolling Iowa by not placing an “O” anywhere in the title, per Sam Paxton. This was a dig taken at Iowa’s offensive struggles.

Iowa pulled off the win with 1 field goal and 2 safeties. The offense sputtered and relied on the defense and special teams to pull through with the win.

The newspaper also mentioned Iowa’s upcoming matchup against Iowa State. This will be a heated rivalry game and Iowa’s offense will need to step up to get a win over the in-state rival.

The Week 2 game between Iowa and Iowa State will take place at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday, Sept. 10.