Iowa is a good football program. Every year, Hawkeyes get drafted into the NFL and the team as a whole always seems to win more games than it loses.

At kicker, Iowa is no slouch, either. There have been a number of kickers that have left a legacy behind them once their time at Iowa came to a close.

Despite all the success those kickers had, none have made 22 field goals in a season before. Current Hawkeyes kicker, Keith Duncan, accomplished that feat on Saturday by going 3-for-3 against Wisconsin.


The team didn’t win. The Hawkeyes are now 6-3 overall. But, Duncan did what he could. He actually leads college football in made field goals this season.

Here’s Duncan after the game:

“I had some people mention it to me, but I had no idea (about the record),” Duncan said. “Yeah, it’s cool, but we still have 25 percent of our (regular) season left, so that is the main focus.

“It kind of sucks. It’s awesome to be (mentioned) with names like Nate Kaeding, but we would love to win. Our job is to go out and put points on the board as a field goal unit. We did our job, unfortunately we couldn’t get enough.”

Duncan and the Hawkeyes have a home game against undefeated Minnesota up next.