Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz doesn’t have much of a problem speaking his mind. So when he was recently asked about what he would change about college football if given the opportunity, Ferentz chimed right in.

On Wednesday, Ferentz was a guest on Hawk Central’s radio show (KXNO AM 1460) and was asked about what he’d change about the sport. While the offensive coordinator has multiple ideas in mind, he settled on one he’d like to see more than any other.

“If you just had to pick one thing,” Ferentz said, “I think probably deregulation would be my vote.”

Ferentz isn’t a huge fan of the restrictions the NCAA places on players, coaches and programs. His main argument is that some programs abide by the organization’s rules while others don’t. And those who don’t sometimes skate by without any real repercussions.

“If you’re not going to enforce the rules, then let’s just not have them,” Ferentz said.

While those rules would primarily benefit coaches and players at the Power Five level, Ferentz believes that most head coaches would be in favor of the idea across the board. He argued that things in college football would “make a lot more sense” by deregulating.

Ferentz can hope to see that happen one day, but knowing the NCAA, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.