The ongoing debate about kneeling or standing during the national anthem has taken the NFL by storm and, naturally, has trickled down to the college ranks. Many coaches, player, and teams have been asked about potential protests in the future.

In an interview with USA Today, several Iowa players wanted to stress team unity was the most important thing in their locker room.

Defensive lineman Parker Hesse, Akrum Wadley and Toren Young all emphasized that point.

“When you show up in this building, it’s a place where you can feel comfortable,” Hesse told USA Today. “It’s a place where kind of feel a sense of belonging.”

Young reiterated that point.

“We try to keep politics and football separate,” he said. “Everybody comes from different backgrounds. I’m sure everybody has different views and opinions on it. While we’re here, we have the common goal that we’re going to win games.”

Recently, Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald told the Chicago Tribune that Northwestern will lock arms while taking the field against Wisconsin at Camp Randall Stadium this weekend.

When asked if Iowa has anything similar planned, Wadley didn’t give a specific response but assured USA Today that any action would be a team-wide decision.

“I feel like if we’re all going to do something, we’re all going to do it,” Wadley said. “We’re not going to have one person doing one thing and the rest of the team (doing another).”