There’s no evidence of suspicious wagering activity or game fixing involving any Iowa or Iowa State sporting event, according to a report from Action Network.

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission shared that update after at least 41 current student-athletes across the 2 schools were reported for potentially illicit betting activity. Therefore, there was no betting markets banned or halted.

“We review the types of wagers that come in and how suspicious they are,” said Brian Ohorilko, the director for the state gaming commission. “We have no reason to believe that there’s anything like that here. There wasn’t anything giving us pause or leading us to believe that any of these markets were compromised.”

Iowa put out a statement on Monday that revealed the university had received information about 111 individuals. That includes 26 current student-athletes from baseball, football, men’s basketball, men’s track and field, and wrestling, as well as one full-time employee of the UI Department of Athletics.

Iowa State said at least 15 student-athletes from the school’s football, wrestling and track and field teams may have been embroiled in illicit gambling activity.

Ohorilko said he wasn’t aware of any wagers the Iowa and Iowa State athletes or staff may have placed, and that the state’s auditors combed through wagering data across the Iowa and Iowa State marketplace and found zero evidence of impropriety.

This report came days after Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon was fired days after multiple states banned bets on Alabama baseball games following suspicious wagering activity in Ohio involving the Crimson Tide baseball team.