The University of Iowa Athletics Department announced on Monday that one individual tested positive for COVID-19. The news comes as the school is welcoming student-athletes, coaches and staff back to campus.

Iowa revealed that it has tested 237 individuals during the return process. 236 of those tests returned negative with just one positive test for the virus. That individual is now quarantined, following mandatory protocol.

“Our medical staff has established our procedures and is leading our procedures in addressing positive test results,” Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta said in a statement. “The safety of all student-athletes and staff is critical. We have anticipated and planned for positive test results.”

Others who would’ve been around the individual who tested positive will also be quarantined as the school follows protocol.

Iowa is not the first school to report a positive test. Marshall, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and Alabama are among the others that have also reported positive tests. Many schools say that have planned for and expected positive results.