The Iowa Hawkeyes were in a goal-to-go situation and seemed destined to take a 21-0 lead over Purdue.

Instead, a botched handoff caused the Hawkeyes to lose yardage. Quarterback Spencer Petras was taking the snap from the shotgun and motioned WR Arland Bruce IV across. RB Kaleb Johnson thought he was getting the ball on a handoff, but Petras tried to run a sweep with Bruce.

The result was a loss with all 3 players converging at the same time and falling to the ground:

On the very next play, 3rd-and-goal from the 6, Petras took a sack.

The Hawkeyes would end up settling for a FG to go up 17-0. The Boilermakers would then drive down the field and add their own FG, getting on the board for the 1st time.

The Hawkeyes take a 17-3 lead into the half.