The Cyclones fanbase is having a lot of fun trolling Ashton Kutcher during College GameDay.

While Kutcher was on the panel making his picks, the crowd started to chant “Take a shower” which is in reference to him saying that he doesn’t shower on a regular basis.

This had led people to be horrified of Kutcher as most people around the world do shower regularly.

Kutcher has been in many shows and movies, including That ’70s Show, Just Married, Guess Who, and many more. He went to Iowa for college as well so that’s another reason why the Cyclones crowd was going after him a bit.

On College GameDay, he ended up picking his Hawkeyes to win which also didn’t go over too well.

Kickoff is at 4:30 p.m. ET and it’ll be televised by ABC. Iowa is looking to beat Iowa State for the 6th straight time in the rivalry.