Iowa wide receiver Nico Ragaini must hate ruffling feathers if he waited 5 years to make this announcement.

Apparently, those close to the Hawkeyes’ program have been saying his last name wrong since his freshman season. Sounding like “rag-ee-knee,” the senior pass-catcher said to add an “ah” in the middle and say “rag-ah-ee-knee” moving forward.

“My parents said the real way to say it is ‘rag-ah-ee-knee,’ but just saying it fast, Nico Ragaini is how it comes out,” Ragaini told reporters Tuesday.


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Ragaini said the pronunciation never really bothered him, but it did bother his parents. His grandfather, a native of Italy, would have wanted his son to go by the correct pronunciation due to his heritage. The Hawkeyes’ receiver did argue back with his elders when asked what he should go by moving forward.

Of course, if someone mispronounces his name, it won’t be that big of a deal.

What could be a big deal moving forward for the Hawkeyes is Ragaini’s production. Last week in a 27-0 win over Nevada, the 6-foot receiver picked up his first 2 catches of the season for 55 yards. Ragaini was targeted in the third quarterback by quarterback Spencer Petras in the end zone, but the ball was a tad out of his reach.

Perhaps Ragaini will have a chance to score his first touchdown of the year when the Hawkeyes travel to Rutgers. Kickoff Saturday is set for 7:00 p.m. E.T.