Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz has issued an apology for a loud, obscene rant inside the press box at halftime of last weekend’s game against Minnesota.

Head coach Kirk Ferentz addressed the issue after Saturday’s game and again Tuesday in the B1G coaches teleconference, calling the outburst “inappropriate” and saying it’s something that can’t happen again. Brian Ferentz met with Iowa athletic director Gary Barta about the matter.

Following the conversation, Brian Ferentz issued a public apology and Barta also released a statement on the matter.

“I want to apologize to the members of the media and the replay officials for my unprofessional behavior during halftime of the Minnesota game Saturday night,” Ferentz said. “My language was inappropriate and behavior was wrong. There is no excuse for my actions.”

Brian Ferentz also wrote an apology to the replay official for whom the rant was directed.

The outburst was presumably triggered by a fumble ruling that was reviewed by replay officials inside the press box. With the play going against the Hawkeyes, Brian Ferentz yelled obscenities at the official while heading to the locker room for halftime.

Barta said he met with both Kirk and Brian Ferentz regarding the issue and has been in conversation with the B1G, as well. After following all the necessary steps, Barta said “we have completed our process and consider the incident resolved.”

Iowa went on to beat Minnesota 17-10.

Saturday, the Hawkeyes host No. 6 Ohio State at Kinnick Stadium.