Chris Doyle has been with Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz for quite some time, and he is being rewarded with what is expected to be the highest salary for a strength and conditioning coach in the nation.

Chad Leistikow with the Des Moines Register shared the details of the pay raises awarded to Ferentz’s assistant coaches. The pay raise came about after Iowa finished in the top 25 to finish 2018.

For Doyle, he will make $800,000 in 2019. That is equal to the amount that defensive coordinator Phil Parker will make this season.

According to the research conducted by USA TODAY, that figure will also make Doyle the highest-paid strength and conditioning coach in the nation. The next closest would be Ohio State’s Mickey Marotti at $735,000.

Now it is time to see how it pays off for the Hawkeyes on the football field this fall.