Iowa received an interesting shoutout during the Nickelodeon broadcast of Super Bowl LVIII. However, the shoutout was not related to standout tight end George Kittle.

Instead, the recognition of Iowa was related to punting. That reference came about with the beginning of the Super Bowl bogged down into a punting affair and battle for field position between the two teams.

“SpongeBob and Patrick, have you guys ever heard of a place called Iowa?” questioned broadcaster Noah Eagle.

“Iowa? It sounds exotic,” echoed SpongeBob.

“Well in Iowa, they like to say punting is winning. And right now, punting is very much winning for both of these teams,” Eagle responded.

Fortunately, the action has picked up a little bit since then, but it is still very much a defensive struggle in the Super Bowl. At least NFL fans are getting a taste of some elite special teams play, but that’s something fans of the Hawkeyes are used to every Saturday in the fall.