Iowa could not find a way to score a touchdown on Saturday, but still managed to win the game against South Dakota State.

The Hawkeyes beat South Dakota State by a score of 7-3 thanks to a field goal in the 1st quarter, and 2 safeties from their defense in the 2nd half.

According to ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg, this was the 1st time that a team has scored 7 points without a touchdown since 2000.

Iowa is also the 1st B1G team to win a game without scoring a touchdown since Nebraska beat Michigan State 9-6 in 2018. Iowa also had an instance like this back in 2004, when it beat Penn State 6-4.

If that doesn’t tell you that you’re offense has problems, there’s not much else people can do to help you.

Iowa will now look ahead to its Week 2 showdown with in-state rival Iowa State.