Former Iowa star James Daniels was the first individual to bring concerns about “racial disparities” within the program to light with a series of posts back in June. While the program is still in the infancy of creating change and making progress, Daniels is applauding the steps that have already been taken.

On Friday afternoon, Daniels took to Twitter to applaud the program for creating change over the last two months.

“So much positive change within the Iowa football program and athletic department,” Daniels wrote on Twitter. “It is amazing to see!”

Daniels first took to Twitter on June 5 to point out “racial disparities” within the Iowa football program. His initial post on social media led to several other former Hawkeye players speaking up about negative experiences in the program.

“There are too many racial disparities in the Iowa football program,” Daniels wrote back in June. “Black players have been treated unfairly for far too long.”

In the aftermath of the comments from Daniels and other former Iowa football players, strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyel and the school parted ways after Doyel was cited in many examples of players’ negative experiences within the program.

The University of Iowa also hired Husch Blackwell to conduct an external review of the program. A 28-page report was provided to the school, and while there were examples of racial disparities within the football program, there was no recommendation to terminate head coach Kirk Ferentz or other staff members in the report.

Ferentz and athletic director Gary Barta spoke at a press conference on Thursday regarding the report.

“Before June 4, I would have said we have a healthy program. Stories I’ve heard in the days and weeks following have changed that,” Ferentz said. “In the last few weeks I’ve learned our culture is not as strong as we thought.

“This is an opportunity for our entire staff to learn.”