Iowa’s offense struggled so much in 2022 it became laughable.

But Iowa fans weren’t laughing. They saw how good the defense was and were disappointed that the offense couldn’t keep up. This season, Iowa has a chance to improve on the offensive side of the ball.

Analyst Joel Klatt broke down what Iowa needs to do in order to see an uptick in their offensive numbers this season.

Klatt believes it starts with new quarterback Cade McNamara, who joins the Hawkeyes after transferring from Michigan.

“McNamara no longer has to look over his shoulder at the 5-star quarterback behind him,” Klatt said. “He is an upgrade.”

Klatt also believes Iowa needs to win however it can, rather than setting a certain standard to meet for each game.

“I’ve said this once, I will continue to say this. Iowa, do the right thing, get rid of this ridiculous barrier of the 20-24 points that the offense has to score for Brian Ferentz to keep his job,” Klatt said. “It’s silly. The goal of the game is not to go out and score 24 points. The goal is to win. If you want to win 18-7, win 18-7. If you need to win 34-32, win 34-32. It’s not about some arbitrary line in the sand for a guy to keep his job.”

If Iowa’s offense can get a boost from McNamara, it could be a potent team in the B1G West. The Hawkeyes allowed more than 13 points in just 3 games last season. If the offense can begin to match that production, they could be a top team in the Big 10.