Joel Klatt joined the chorus of those who weighed in on the move by Iowa to amend offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz’ contract.

The expectation is for Iowa to win 7 games and average 25 points per game for the 2023 season.

Klatt, the FOX Sports analyst, began his comments about Iowa this way: “I don’t even know where to begin. Brian Ferentz gets a weirdly-worded contract. How do we do this? What do we even say about this?”

Klatt admitted that he didn’t think Brian Ferentz would be the OC at Iowa in 2023.

“I like Brian, I really like Kirk (Ferentz), you can’t argue with what Kirk has done,” Klatt said. “… I’ve never seen anything like this, this is crazy, I’m sorry. I know (Athletics Director) Gary Barta, Gary Barta’s really good.”

The father-son dynamic is the only way Brian Ferentz could keep his job, and get these “weird” parameters, Klatt said.

“Now Brian Ferentz is a jug of milk in the refrigerator,” Klatt said. “What is happening right now?”

The comments begin at about 18:35: