Maybe Friday’s chat with Tom Arnold turned Danny Kanell into an Iowa believer.

The ESPN college football analyst and radio host went on “Mike and Mike in the Morning” to discuss his new top four. Mike Greenberg didn’t fault him for having Clemson at No. 1. It was the second spot that set him off on a mini-rant.

“Here is Danny Kanell’s current top-four in college football. Number one, Clemson. Number two, Iowa. Number three, I don’t care anymore,” Greenberg said. “How in the world do you have Iowa at number two in the country right now based on their best win — I went to Northwestern, I love Northwestern and we’re a good team — but their best win this year is Northwestern and you have Iowa number two. Explain how.”

And Kanell did.

“Well, I have a question for you, Greeny. Can you tell me Iowa’s worst loss? What’s their worst loss?”

“They don’t have one.”

“Exactly. That’s why I have them at number two. I have one mantra I want you to keep in mind when we’re looking at the top four for today and the rest of the season as we’re moving forward. Keep it simple. We try so much to look at different things. We’re looking at metrics, we’re looking at strength of schedule, who’s got this, who’s playing backup quarterbacks…Iowa wins games. That’s all they can do. They’ve won the schedule that’s in front of them.”

Kanell went on to say that it wasn’t necessarily a projection of what he thought would happen, but that for current rankings, it was the most fair way to evaluate.

Simply ignoring losses, which everybody besides Clemson and Iowa have, doesn’t make sense.

“Why would you hold it against them if they were undefeated?” Kanell reiterated.

The back-and-forth continued, but they did come to a conclusion. If Iowa wins out, it’s in the College Football Playoff.

As usual, that’s the only thing that matters.

But just in case you forgot, the College Football Playoff poll comes out at 6 p.m. CT tomorrow. Will the top four match Kanell’s?