Keagan Johnson has not played a game yet for Iowa this season, but that doesn’t matter to Arland Bruce IV. The Athletic’s Scott Dochterman posted what he had to say on Twitter.

Johnson’s injury is unknown, but he has been dealing with them all offseason. He isn’t listed on the Iowa depth chart for Week 2 against Iowa State. Bruce has his teammate’s back and knows that he is doing everything he can to rejoin the team.

“I’m just trying to be that voice for him mentally to make sure he’s staying on the right path,” said Bruce. “But, yeah, he’s doing good. And I can’t wait for him to be back out there soon.”

Johnson has always been someone that believes actions are louder than words, according to Bruce. Bruce wanted to clear the air and make sure people know how Johnson’s doing.

“He’s more of a guy that likes to do stuff instead of really saying it. He doesn’t have a whole lot to say,” said Bruce. “A lot of people think he’s like mad or down, but that’s just really how Keagan is. But I know he’s pretty bummed that he can’t be out there with his teammates.”

Even though Johnson can’t be with his team on the field, he and Nico Ragaini are still leading from the sidelines.

“He’s doing whatever he can and so he’s being a leader as well, too, even if he’s not out there. Same with Nico (Ragaini). I mean, they’re just being leaders whenever they can, even without practicing.”