Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz discussed Brian Ferentz’s work as an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach heading into the upcoming season.

Ferentz, who is Brian’s father, was asked at the B1G Media Days about his son’s salary bump. Iowa’s assistant coaches received salary increases and Ferentz reportedly received the smallest increase for assistant coaches. Ferentz believed his son was compensated well for his work as an offensive coordinator and QBs coach:

“Not necessarily. I think he’s been compensated really well. Bottom line, two things, I feel like our staff, the numbers, there’s reasons for everything we do, and we have private conversations regarding that. I feel like the staff salaries reflect levels of experience, contributions to the program,” Ferentz said. “The other part about it — and that was important, as you probably know — I signed a contract back at the new year, and there were two things that were important to me. Most important was just making sure our staff was well compensated. I just got done saying I really feel good about our entire staff. If we end up losing a coach, I want it to be for really good reasons, not because we’re not able to pay them enough.”

Earlier in the offseason, Ferentz made the switch from coaching the tight ends to the quarterbacks. Ferentz wanted consistency with the play calling for the quarterbacks:

“I think the key component from my vantage point was to have our play caller be coaching our quarterbacks. Just trying to minimize some opportunities for confusion or that type of thing and try to get a little more clarity in what we’re doing. So, so far, so good,” Ferentz said.

Ferentz and his son will need to determine what works best for the offense. Iowa released its preseason depth chart and the father-son duo had a role in choosing the offensive starters heading into fall camp. Ferentz, who played for his father at Iowa and coached at Iowa since 2012, will work directly with the quarterbacks and the entire offense in 2022.