Iowa was 6-2 overall and 3-2 in the Big Ten going into the matchup against Wisconsin. The Hawkeyes ended up losing the game 24-22 and were trying to play catch-up for most of the contest.

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Near the end, the Hawkeyes trailed by two points after scoring a touchdown. The team then went for two to try and tie it.

It appeared as though Iowa called a quarterback draw. With draw plays, the goal is to sell the pass first. Iowa apparently did it too well on that two-point attempt, as coach Kirk Ferentz said that it not only got the umpire on the field to step up, anticipating a pass, but the umpire also ended up getting in the way:

Ferentz makes a point here. If the umpire is over on the end line when the playing field gets shrunk, it can get one loss human being out of the way.

On that two-point attempt, Ferentz believes it absolutely hurt the Hawkeyes’ chances of converting. He may not blame the umpire, but, that’s just what happened.

Ferentz also talked on Tuesday about the Minnesota matchup looming:

Minnesota’s good. Its win over Penn State wasn’t a fluke. Ferentz knows it.

He also brought up how the offense got better against Wisconsin once the Hawkeyes had to score. Once time was waning, Iowa picked up the pace:

We’ll see what Iowa’s offense looks like at 4 p.m. ET on FOX when the Hawkeyes host undefeated Minnesota.