Iowa’s next two games are really important for Kirk Ferentz. Not just because this weekend is a rivalry game against Nebraska or the Hawkeyes are trying to end a nasty losing streak in bowl games. The final two contests have financial implications.

Pretty big ones, too.

According to Yahoo Sports, Ferentz can still cash in on approximately $1.25 million in bonuses if Iowa beats Nebraska and gets a bowl victory in December or January. While the stakes aren’t quite as high, those potential raises would trickle down to the rest of the Hawkeyes’ staff, as well.

Here’s the language in Ferentz’s contract, as reported by Yahoo Sports:

The University will find an average salary increase of 8% for the nine on-field assistant coaches as well as the Head Strength Coach, the top Assistant Strength coach and the Director of Football Operations on July 1 after any season in which the team finished with at least 7 wins, participated in a post-season bowl game and achieved a Graduation Success Rate of at least 67.5% in the most recent calculation period.

Since Iowa is already bowl eligible, Ferentz will receive a $100,000 bonus. And the Hawkeyes will have two more chances to get to the seven-win mark. If they win both of those games and Ferentz is still the head coach after Jan. 31, 2018, he’ll raked in $1.15 million.

To top it all off, if the Hawkeyes do beat Nebraska, an extra $2.4 million is added to the price tag of Ferentz’s buyout.

Maybe the smartest decision of Ferentz’s coaching career was hiring his agent.