Kirk Ferentz is looking to get Iowa ready to roll for the last few weeks of the season. Right around the corner, the offseason will hit and that will lead to some key decisions from the players.

At his Tuesday press conference, Ferentz was asked about certain players who might walk on Senior Day this Saturday but could have the option of an extra COVID year of eligibility. The head coach specifically cited Riley Moss, a player he expected was sure to depart but came back for another season.

“I think you’re right on everything you just said, I think this is the last year of the COVID derby. Anyway, a couple guys have that option. We’ll talk to them about it and encourage them, but ultimately it’s got to be their decision,” said Ferentz. “I’ll cite Riley Moss — not the same discussion, but kind of is. He had a chance to come out after the Citrus Bowl, and I thought for sure he would. He chose to come back.”


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While Ferentz did say the program welcomes back any player that wants to, he said he cautions each guy not to come back if they’re looking for the Hawkeyes “to kiss your ass every day.” Any player that comes back will continue to get coached up as usual.

Fortunately, Ferentz says Moss’ decision worked well for the player, and Moss went on to work hard throughout his final season before landing in the NFL:

“The one component to that is I always tell the guys don’t come back if you want us to kiss your ass every day, cause we’re not doing that,” Ferentz explained. “We’re gonna coach you and work with you just like we have since you’ve been here.

“I bring Riley up because you kind of in the back of your mind worry about that when a guy comes back… but the thing I’ll never forget with Riley is he was the first guy out there in the spring, just worked his tail off. He had an unbelievably great spring and then he had a great fall last year. He used that year to his benefit. Not everybody’s going to go to the NFL, but he did. The reason you come back is to be at your best.”