Targeting has become a ginormous talking point around college football this week and Kirk Ferentz is the latest coach to discuss it.

The topic came up during his media conference on Tuesday and Ferentz admitted that it’s such a hard call nowadays.

“No, no, it’s such a hard call. It’s hard to be a defensive guy going to the football and then hitting the breaks. Maybe you can do it in a cartoon but in real life, it’s hard to do. It’s hard to play aggressive football. But I understand it and we need those kinds of rules.”

Ferentz’s comment is a stark difference from the one Indiana’s Tom Allen had on Monday as he blasted the rule and hope that the NCAA looks into changing it.

Part of it also had to do with one of Allen’s players (Micah McFadden) getting ejected on Saturday’s game against Cincinnati, but the rule has been inconsistent for too long now.

Make no mistake, Ferentz won’t be the last coach around the B1G asked to share his thoughts on the rule before the end of the season.