That was not the typical performance for the Hawkeyes in Saturday’s loss to Michigan.

Under head coach Kirk Ferentz, Iowa has been a model of discipline, steady defense, and hard-working attitude. Unfortunately, the discipline aspect was missing against the Wolverines.

The Hawkeyes fought hard defensively and were able to limit the Wolverines to 10 points. Three of those points even came on a field goal after the offense surrendered great field position.

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Unfortunately, the offense could not get anything going and was the unit that especially struggled in the discipline area. Turnovers and penalties are ultimately what limited the offense’s effectiveness and kept Iowa from tying the game late.

During Ferentz’s “Sunday Conversation,” he made sure to highlight those issues. When addressing the eight penalties and four turnovers, Ferentz said Iowa broke many of the principles they try to drive home.

Hawkeye Sports shared Ferentz’s comments:

“We broke a lot of our principles,” Ferentz said. “We had too many penalties offensively, we turned it over and had negative yardage plays.”…

“We found ourselves in some tough third down situations and converted challenging third down conversion,” Ferentz said. “That is a positive, we have done that all year long, maybe not to that extent. Good plays in there, too, but we made the hill a little steeper than we need to, especially against a good football team like Michigan.”

Hopefully, the Hawkeyes can play much better at home against a tough Penn State squad.