Kirk Ferentz might be one of the beloved sports figures in the state of Iowa, but he’s not too popular among his fellow neighbors.

According to The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Ferentz and his wife Mary will be headed to a local courthouse in a few weeks as part of a civil suit regarding an issue with a road near their home. The court date is scheduled for the week after National Signing Day.

From The Gazette:

The Saddle Club Road Homeowners’ Association sued Kirk and Mary Ferentz on March 2, 2016, alleging the couple broke a 2001 contract and are responsible for their share of road repairs, or $9,600. The neighbors also assert the couple’s landscaping violated a neighborhood easement.

Per the story, the total cost needed to repair and repave the road was $36,000. Ferentz makes over $5 million per season as the head coach of the Hawkeyes.

Ferentz might be pretty well-liked among Iowa fans, but he’s certainly not helping his popularity with his neighbors.