Kirk Ferentz apologized to Iowa media members for his comments on Tuesday. 247Sports’ David Eickholt shared what his apology was.

Ferentz said the line of questioning after the loss felt like an “interrogation”. Ferentz also went on to say that the situation “could’ve been worse”, because he “could’ve been that guy”, referring to the media member he accused of interrogating him.

Ferentz, however, did apologize for his words and acknowledged he has a “high respect” for the work the media does.

“I wanted to take a moment to apologize for my comments during the news conference yesterday. I should not have been dismissive of one of your colleges, his questions were fair. I have a high respect for the work that you do, and I appreciate how you cover our team.”

Ferentz acknowledged that he “should not have been dismissive” and that “the questions were fair”. Ferentz is certainly disappointed with the way the 2022 season has played out thus far.

The Hawkeyes fell to 3-4 after a blowout loss at Ohio State, and sport an offense that is near the bottom of the nation in every category.