Kirk Ferentz led his Iowa program into a cool experience in Week 10 as the Hawkeyes faced Northwestern inside iconic Wrigley Field. Traditionally the home of MLB’s Chicago Cubs, the baseball venue was converted as best as possible to contain a football field.

While the atmosphere might have been cool for fans, Ferentz noted the logistical aspect of the event was a nightmare as a coach. He expressed a desire to see a type of policy in place for future events that both head coaches have to sign off on.

“Appreciate our fans turning out the way they did. Probably a better experience for the fans quite frankly than the participants as far as logistics. It’s cool to be in Wrigley Field, I’m not minimizing that,” Ferentz explained. “I appreciate history, but hoping as we move forward that the league comes up with a policy that both teams have to co-sign. Seems like that would be a fair thing to do… But all that being said we’re going home happy.”


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Overall, Ferentz particularly said he was glad no Iowa player was significantly hurt by running into a wall. He even made a joke that Chicago-based malpractice lawyers were camped out in case someone ran into one of the walls inside of Wrigley.

“I’m just glad none of our players had to like a 9-route down that far corner down there. You drive into Chicago, you’ve got all these malpractice attorneys advertising the billboards,” said Ferentz. “I think six of them were seated right up there and they were going to give out business cards if anyone hit that wall… It’s cool to be in a historic place… It’s all cool, but I’d rather buy a ticket.”

In addition to concerns about the tight confines, Ferentz also referenced the “sand pit” that developed near one of the goal lines and the aspect of both teams sharing one sideline in the game. While it might be a cool event for fans, it sounds like a headache for coaches and players involved.