Jack Campbell is one of the superstar defenders in the ranks of college football. After posting 140 tackles in 2021, Campbell is on essentially every preseason All-America list for 2022.

During Kirk Ferentz’s appearance at B1G Media Days, the head coach could not come up with enough positive things to say about his star. Ferentz called Campbell humble and hard-working and of the leaders of the team.

And listed at 6-foot-5, Ferentz believes Campbell may have the distinction of the tallest LB to play for Iowa during his time as head coach.

“He’s extremely humble. He’s not about taking credit for anything. He deserves a lot,” said Ferentz. “He is a leader in his way, he’s authentic, he’s humble and really driven to do his best and he’s doing it for all the right reasons…as a coach, you just value that so much and appreciate it.”

Campbell was also in Indy for Media Days and discussed his development as a player. He particularly praised assistant coach Seth Wallace and the coaching staff for getting developed “the right way” with the Hawkeyes.