Iowa had a chance at home to beat Northwestern and at least prolong the Wildcats’ clinching of the Big Ten West.

That chance was squashed on Saturday, as the Wildcats went into Kinnick Stadium and left with not just the 14-10 win, but a spot in the Big Ten Championship as well. Northwestern was able to keep Iowa’s passing game in check, which is only something a handful of teams have done this season.

Why couldn’t Iowa’s passing attack get going? There are a number of potential reasons, but one may be that TE Noah Fant only had 1 catch for zero yards. Fant is absolutely one of the Hawkeyes’ biggest weapons.

After the game, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz was asked about Fant’s usage in what was a tight game throughout:

Sure, you call the game as you go along. But not using one of your best guys seems a bit odd. To this point, Fant is Iowa’s second leading receiver in terms of yards and first in catches and TD — even after the 1 catch performance.

Could Fant be in the doghouse? Sure, that’s possible.

Or did the game just get away from Ferentz and so play-calling and adjustments weren’t made?

That’s possible, too.