Kirk Ferentz is the longest-tenured head football coach in the B1G, taking the reins of the Iowa program in 1999 and racking up 190 wins in that time span.

When Ferentz was hired, the B1G had 11 schools, all predominantly in the Midwest save for a handful. That number now sits at 14 in 2022 as Maryland, Nebraska, and Rutgers have joined the conference in the past decade-plus. In 2024, 2 more schools, UCLA and USC, join the fray, putting the B1G at 16 teams and stretching its footprint from coast-to-coast.

While geography and long-standing rivalries may have held significance earlier in Ferentz’ career in Iowa City, the landscape has changed significantly, and continues to do so.

“It’s probably just one more illustration of where we’re going in college football,” Ferentz told FOX Sports’ RJ Young. “Certainly geography is not a factor, and I think what we are seeing right now is some of the traditions we think of…are a thing of the past right now.”

Even without UCLA and USC, the year 2024 was already set to be a significant one in the B1G as it begins a new media rights cycle. FOX, the conference’s lead rightsholder, will be joined by NBC and CBS in televising the league’s college football games, with ESPN’s long association set to come to an end.

“I think TV is important. That’s one thing I have figured out in 23 years,” Ferentz said. “So whatever TV’s thinking is probably where we’re headed.”