Kirk Ferentz is dealing with the gambling investigation that rocked the state of Iowa. That investigation has implicated players at Iowa and Iowa State, including defensive lineman Noah Shannon who is currently suspended for the 2023 season.

Speaking to the media Tuesday, the head coach of the Hawkeyes questioned the nature of the investigation and why Iowa appears to be the only state dealing with such a matter. Ferentz expressed his respect for the law but also wondered if Iowa is truly the only state where college athletes are wagering on games.

“I can’t imagine we’re the only state where college kids bet, I just can’t imagine that,” Ferentz expressed. “I mean, seriously? It’s like rounding up 20-year-olds that had a beer. That would fill Kinnick, I know that.

“For whatever reason, we’re the lucky ones. We’re the chosen ones. We just got to really benefit from this whole deal, and I’m really not sure what the point was. I have a respect for the law — don’t misunderstand that — I have a high respect for the law, but I’m not sure I understand what happened. But that’s not the issue, the issue is if someone bet on us, that to me is an issue and no one’s running from that.”

In total, Iowa announced 11 student-athletes have received eligibility notifications as a result of the investigation. An appeals process awaits for many, including Shannon, with the NCAA.