Kirk Ferentz gave the media an update on how Nico Ragaini and Keagan Johnson are doing per David Eickholt of 247Sports. The two wideouts have not seen the field yet in 2022.

Ragaini and Johnson were the No. 2 and No. 3 receivers last season in terms of receiving yards on the team. Ragaini and Johnson combined for 683 yards receiving. Tight end Sam LaPorta led the team with 670 yards receiving last season.

Ferentz confirmed that Ragaini and Johnson are now at practice, which is good news for the team.

Well, they’re practicing. That’s a starting point. That’s the first step to getting in a game and playing well is practicing. You can’t do it without practicing.
Having them actually in a helmet and catching a ball with shoulder pads on, that’s encouraging. They’ve missed time, obviously. Nico is a more experienced player, and he’s been in the fight a lot sooner than Keagan. Keagan you’re looking about an eight-plus-month deficit right now, so that’s what he’s got to overcome. It’s great to see him out there, and it’s great to get Nico back, too. We have to be careful about how fast and how far we push them as we move forward.

The Iowa HC stated that Ragaini is more likely to play against Nevada than Johnson is since he was practicing more recently than Johnson was. The Iowa WR room may be getting some reinforcements soon.

“We’ll see,” said Ferentz. “Again, there’s a chance. Nico is probably further along because he was practicing not that long ago. I remember when he was practicing, recent memory.”