By now, you know about Colin Cowherd’s Iowa hate. By now, you also probably tune out Cowherd’s hate.

But usually when the Fox Sports 1 host sounds off on Iowa’s weak non-conference schedule and calls them the “fake ID of college football,” he doesn’t have anyone on air to fight him.

On Monday, he finally did.

Fox Sports 1’s Joel Klatt joined “The Herd” to discuss the NFL draft. Earlier in the show, Cowherd praised the San Francisco 49ers’ draft. He didn’t point out, however, that the 49ers drafted former Iowa players C.J. Beathard and George Kittle.

So Klatt called him out on that:

“You come out here praising John Lynch and the 49ers. You’re trying to jump on this Iowa bandwagon and I’m not gonna allow it,” Klatt said to Cowherd. “I’m not gonna allow you to jump on the bandwagon of C.J. Beathard and George Kittle and say what great picks they were when you’ve been bashing Iowa for the last year and a half. That’s a good program up there.”

Klatt responded to a Cowherd eye roll, and had another response when he tried to change the subject to Iowa’s schedule.

“If you’re gonna get on a schedule, at least the B1G plays nine conference games. The SEC is playing eight conference games…,” Klatt said to Cowherd. “Listeners, hold Colin accountable. You cannot allow him to praise the 49ers draft because he’s been bashing Iowa for two years. You can’t get on the bandwagon now. Sorry. George Kittle and C.J. Beathard are giving you the finger right now.”

On an unrelated note, Kittle retweeted Klatt’s rant.