LSU’s Alexis Morris took notice of Iowa’s win over South Carolina Friday night. Morris particularly watched how the Hawkeyes operated defensively against the Gamecocks.

For much of the night, Iowa played well back from the 3-point line, nearly daring the South Carolina players to shoot the ball from deep. While it looked odd at first, the method did produce results for the Hawkeyes.

While previewing Sunday’s national final matchup, Morris said the defense was “very disrespectful” and also said she would take that type of defense personally. Morris went on to say Iowa is “going to have to guard us” from distance.

“I watched the game, and I’m watching them guard South Carolina. I don’t think they can guard us that way,” said Morris per Andrea Adelson with ESPN. “I don’t think you can just leave me open on the perimeter or leave us open on the perimeter. Me personally, I find it very disrespectful, so I’m going to take that personally going into that game. You’re going to have to guard us. That’s just the competitor in me, and the will to win.”

For what it’s worth, Iowa likely has zero intentions of guarding Morris and the rest of LSU’s shooters with the same method employed against South Carolina. The Hawkeyes did their best to focus on the post players of the Gamecocks, and it paid off.

Even with the relaxed defense on the perimeter, South Carolina shot just 4-for-20 from 3-point range in the 77-73 loss to Iowa. Without Raven Johnson’s numbers off the bench, the Gamecocks would have finished just 1-for-14 from deep.