Matt Campbell understands the battle for the Cy-Hawk Trophy could come down to special teams. That is why the Iowa State head coach is not downplaying the foot of punter Tory Taylor, per Cyclone Fanatic.

“That’s consistently something that we got to continue to have a great plan for. He’s an outstanding player,” Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell said during his weekly press conference on Tuesday. “You talk about the ability to change field position, the ability to and I think, sometimes the credit just goes to him, he is a great player, but they’re also really good in their coverage units. They also have 10 other guys that do a great job around him. I think from our end of it, we’re going to have a great plan for him and great plan of attack. At times we thought we had that last year, and, at times, that didn’t show up when we needed it to, but, again, a huge credit to him, great talent, and it’ll be a great challenge for us.”

Taylor received a ton of work in Iowa’s paltry 7-3 victory over FCS South Dakota State. The Australian native punted 10 times for 479 yards, including seven kicks inside the 20-yard line. Taylor also booted a long of 57 yards.

While punting is not a great sign for Iowa’s offense, Taylor is a weapon for the Hawkeyes and the special teams unit. Sound like the Cyclones are responding appropriately.

Unless the Hawkeyes generate any sort of offense, they might have to rely on the foot of Taylor again.