Multiple former Hawkeyes took to Twitter after another abysmal performance from the Ferentz-led offense.

Jaleel Johnson was a defensive lineman for the Hawkeyes from 2013-2016 and now plays for the Atlanta Falcons. Johnson took to Twitter after the blowout loss and stated that “with an offense, we (Iowa) can compete with any program in the nation.”

Johnson’s sentiment was shared by former Hawkeye wideout Tevaun Smith, who was Johnson’s teammate from 2013-2015. Smith replied to the tweet with a gif of Steve Harvey slowly shaking his head.

Johnson and Smith weren’t the only former Hawkeyes to vent about the offense on Twitter. Rafael Eubanks, a stalwart on the Iowa offensive line from 2006-2009 also made his feelings known.

While Eubanks stressed how much respect and gratitude he has for Kirk Ferentz, he would go on to call on Ferentz to step down as head coach.

Iowa ranks near the bottom of the nation in almost every offensive category.

We’ll see if Kirk Ferentz is able to adjust the offense in the future, but right now, it’s ugly.