Another day, another frustrating non-development was made clear in the never-ending case of Drew Ott vs. the NCAA.

The Iowa defensive end’s ongoing fight for a medical hardship redshirt hasn’t had many developments other than the B1G passed his case to the NCAA. That was two months ago.

On Wednesday, we learned that the NCAA hasn’t been completely idle in its review of his case. Ott reportedly got rejected but he is appealing. The NCAA, however, hasn’t ruled on it yet.

“I feel bad for him because it’s been denied several times,” Iowa defensive line coach Reese Morgan said on Wednesday. “He has an appeal in again and the process just seems to be extremely frustrating because no one from the NCAA has talked to anybody in this building about it or him, which seems to be unusual.”

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That’s hardly the first time the word “frustrating” has been used in describing Ott’s situation, which began over four months ago. The initial rejection could’ve simply been the NCAA’s ruling in response to whether or not Ott was over the 30 percent threshold so that ‘no’ Morgan suggested isn’t necessarily final.

He isn’t going through practice with the team because as Morgan said, he has to be treated like he graduated.

“He’s written appeals. He has communicated. Our compliance people are going back and forth trying to help out,” Morgan said of Ott. “But, yeah, it’s — you know, it’s hard and you feel for him, because he just wants to know. He just wants to know, can I get an agent, can I continue to play, do I — what am I able to do?”

Reports from Iowa’s pro day surfaced that Ott had a two-week time frame for the NCAA to reach a resolution or he would declare for the draft.

With a week remaining on that reported deadline, Ott appears to be in the same situation he was in months ago.