Iowa and Nebraska is becoming a heated rivalry.

The regular-season finale on Black Friday has proven to be one of the conference’s best showdowns of the year. And it’s becoming clear that neither team likes each other very much.

According to Iowa defensive lineman Faith Ekakitie, who is African American, things went a little too far on Friday. He said that there was naturally some trash talk, but it got offensive from the Huskers.

There were reportedly racial slurs directed his way.

“I’m one to completely respect my opponents at all times, but they had a few guys out there that decided to talk a whole lot and a couple guys who were throwing around derogatory, racial slurs,” Ekakitie told the Des Moines Register.

“Anyone that is willing to openly go out of their way and throw that around — even in a competitive environment — I think you’re a piece of trash.”

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Ekakitie didn’t want to name players or exactly what was said, but that’s a strong accusation to throw out to the media. He said that it happened in the first half, and that he was the only one on the Iowa defensive line that heard it.

For what it’s worth, Nebraska has white and African American starters on its offensive line.

Still, players usually don’t make that kind of stuff up. If that did happen, it obviously didn’t shake the Iowa defensive linemen. The Hawkeyes controlled the line of scrimmage and dominated at the point of attack en route to a 40-10 victory against the Huskers.

The Des Moines Register asked Nebraska for comment on the matter and got the following response.

“The Nebraska football staff and athletics administration are aware of the post-game comments by the Iowa student-athlete.”