Sen. Ben Sasse may want to think rethink his options the next time he wagers a bet on college football.

Sasse, a Republican senator from Nebraska, is an avid fan of the Cornhuskers. And, apparently, he had plenty of faith in Big Red last season. A little too much faith, actually.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Sasse referenced a bet he lost with a  journalist, claiming the Huskers would beat rival Iowa in the season finale. The Hawkeyes clobbered Nebraska 40-10.

So, the Senator must drive an Uber through Iowa…sporting Hawkeyes gear. Here’s what Sasse said on CNN:

Let’s be clear why I’m going to be in Iowa this weekend,” Sasse said. “I don’t want to admit it anywhere, let alone on national TV, but Nebraska lost to Iowa last year in a football game, and I lost a bet. So I have to drive Uber in Iowa next weekend.

That’s the reason I’m going to be in Iowa. It’s about Hawkeyes and Huskers bloodletting on the football field and the aftermath of that.

Get your cameras out, Hawkeye fans. You never see a Cornhusker fan wearing any Hawkeye garb. And it’s even better that it’s such a public figure.

Aren’t college football rivalries the best?