Former Iowa defensive end Parker Hesse became a tough player to block along the line by the end of his college career. The Hawkeyes are going to miss his presence on the edge quite a bit.

But the former Hawkeyes is going to be trying a new position after inking a deal with the Tennessee Titans over the weekend. Hesse will make the transition from defensive end to tight end.

On Sunday, the Hesse Family reveled that Hesse signed with the Titans after going undrafted in this year’s NFL Draft. He also was unable to land an undrafted free agent deal. Hesse tried out with a few teams before landing in Tennessee.

The one catch is that Hesse will was signed on as a tight end.

Iowa has been known for producing NFL-caliber tight ends at a high rate, but this is a little different. At 6-foot-3, 260 pounds, the Titans like Hesse’s size and athleticism to at least give the position a try.

In four years with the Hawkeyes, Hesse tallied 31 tackles for loss and 14 sacks. He registered a total of 182 tackles.