ESPN’s David Pollack seems to be a bit lower than some others on the Hawkeyes, despite them being No. 5 in the country.

Pollack went on College Football Live earlier on Friday and brushed off the notion that Iowa is the best team in the B1G.

“Because Ohio State’s not insanely more talented and I think Ohio State can score at will on those teams. Iowa’s got a great defense and their zone defense is awesome, but against all that skill, and we start putting some of those freak shows like Olave in the slot and say now you play zone, it usually doesn’t add up well. Offensively, I still think Iowa has still got a big question mark. They’re not running the football and I know they got a great defense but I’m still taking Ohio State as the best team in the B1G.”

Obviously, these 2 teams can only play in the B1G Championship Game this season, but Iowa has shut down 2 highly prolific teams with their defense thus far.

They also still have a lot of time to work some kinks in their offense out and that starts this Saturday against Kent State.