Noah Shannon did indeed receive a massive update to his status this week, something head coach Kirk Ferentz hinted at following Iowa’s Week 6 game.

Prior to the start of the season, Shannon was suspended for the year for a violation of the NCAA’s gambling rules. Recently, the NCAA revised those guidelines, and Ferentz said during his postgame press conference that Iowa had received “encouraging news” regarding Shannon’s status.

At his Tuesday press conference, Ferentz announced Shannon has indeed been cleared to return to practice as a full member of the team. Previously, Shannon was unable to practice with the Hawkeyes as a part of his suspension.

“Just the other note: Recent developments, Noah Shannon is cleared to practice. Not sure what we’ll learn and when we’ll learn what his status will be moving forward,” said Ferentz. “At least we got him on the field, he’s back on the roster an dable to be on the team as a football player instead of a guy just helping out a little bit. That’s positive and we’ll keep our fingers crossed as we move forward.”

As for a return to game action, Ferentz said it’s unclear when Shannon might learn that status from the NCAA. The head coach also noted Shannon has been battling through an injury, so he would not have been cleared physically until recently.

Overall, the defensive lineman has missed a lot of time in pads, but Iowa will work to get him ready as soon as possible in case he is cleared to play in games.

“I really don’t know, we’ve never been in this situation. He’s missed a lot of time, he’s got a great attitude. He’s been working through an injury anyways, so he probably couldn’t have played physically until a couple weeks ago,” Ferentz explained. “Hasn’t been in pads a quite a while now, but we’ll just see. I don’t know even when the decision is going to be made so we’ll have ample time to get him ready, hopefully.”