Iowa’s offense remains a sore spot for many fans of the Hawkeyes. Things are so bad that the offense even earned the distinction of being included in the obituary of a recently deceased fan.

In a photo shared on social media, an obituary included a request for donations to charity in lieu of flowers “or simply say a prayer for the Iowa Hawkeyes offense on her behalf.”

According to, that obituary belongs to Dr. B Eleanor Anstey who passed away recently on Oct. 25. Anstey’s obituary describes her as “an avid Iowa Hawkeyes fan” and mentions her work as a U of I Associate Professor Emerita in the School of Social Work.

The obituary also notes Anstey personally requested her obituary only read “Dr. B. Eleanor Anstey born on June 9, 1926. She died on October 25, 2023,” but Anstey’s family felt the need to include more details as she was “the hub of the wheel that supported and connected” her family and friends.