Iowa fans were quick to call out the officials in the Hawkeyes B1G home opener. The referees were apparently starting to favor Michigan in the first half of the game.

Fans noted that Michigan started to outplay the Iowa defense, but the Hawkeyes were not getting any help from the referees. The Iowa defense was able to slow down the Michigan offense, however.

The Iowa offense has had enough offensive struggles as it is. The lack of calls from the refs aren’t doing them a lot of favors, however.

Many fans cited a questionable clipping penalty that went against Iowa in the first half. Some fans argued that the call should have been a chop block, but still disagreed that the call should have even been made.

The last time that Iowa played Michigan in Iowa City, the Hawkeyes won 14-13. The game isn’t completely out of reach yet. Michigan is up 13-0 at halftime.

Here are some of the reactions by Iowa fans to the poor showing by the refs in the first half: