Pat McAfee had some interesting words to say about punter Tory Taylor during a rant about Iowa football on College Gameday this morning.

McAfee described Taylor as an alien, saying, “That might be what Tory Taylor is.”

After describing Iowa’s offense as “one step above rugby,” McAfee went on to praise Taylor saying he was “electrifying on 4th down.”

McAfee used the analogy of watching paint dry to describe Iowa’s offense, which isn’t inaccurate for the Hawkeyes’ Week 1 game. Iowa had 0 touchdowns in the game and its 7 points came from 2 safeties and a field goal.

While Iowa’s offense struggled, Taylor shined. He had 10 punts for 479 yards and 2 touchbacks. His longest punt was 57 yards and he had 7 punts inside the 20-yard line.

Iowa will look to have a better offensive performance in Week 2 as the Hawkeyes take on Iowa State at 4 p.m. ET.