Phil Parker is coaching his butt off by developing a highly efficient defense and pass rush year after year. Midway through the season, the Hawkeyes’ defense ranks 3rd in the nation in points allowed per game (9.8) and 27th in rushing yards allowed per game (111).

Parker broke down the Hawkeyes’ rush defense during his press conference today:

I think we’ve done as best we can right now. It’s getting down. Are we doing the right things? Do we have the guys in the right spot? Are they putting us in different formations and getting different guys in the box and trying to do that, and we’re trying to solve those problems and making sure that we’re not putting guys in position that they can’t make a play.

Iowa lost two of their top three edge rushers from last season, including Zack Vanvalkenburg and Joe Evans.

While the defense of the Hawkeyes is doing its job, the offense ranks 127th in points per game (14.7).