Jim Hofher may need to take a moment before firing off his next tweet.

The Iowa State assistant not only committed an NCAA violation with a tweet, it was in incredibly poor form the way he did it.

If you missed it, prospect Jake Karchinski took to Twitter to announce Iowa had offered him a scholarship. That’s a pretty standard thing for a recruit to do, especially if they are not currently committed to a program. The Wisconsin native’s joy was short-lived, however, as the Iowa State assistant quickly shared his opinion that Karchinski wasn’t that great of a prospect.

Travis Wilson of WisSportsNet captured the moment on Twitter:

Hofher appeared to regret sending the tweet and deleted it, however, an image of the tweet was captured by Wilson:

Pretty classless move from the Iowa State assistant and one he appeared to recognize fairly quickly. It will be interesting to see if the NCAA responds considering Hofher is not permitted to speak publicly about a player until they have signed for their program. Based on his tweet, there’s little chance the Cyclones have a shot with Karchinski as long as Hofher is on the staff.